Don Francisco

If you are a woman who has been called Jezebel, you are in great company. Some of the most creative, intelligent, resourceful, unique, ministry-minded, brilliant women have been called by that name. Usually it's because somebody wanted to squeeze them into a religious box and they decided to follow God instead.

There is not one reference in the Bible to a particular woman garnering the name Jezebel as a put down. Jesus met hookers and adulteresses and troubled women of all kinds and He never referred to any of them as having a Jezebel spirit. In fact, he treated them all like royalty.

If the spirit of Jezebel made a habit of attaching onto women and turning them into Medusas, I think we would have heard about it somewhere in the Bible. But there is no mention of anything like that.

The mention of Jezebel in Revelations refers specifically to someone who led the people into idol worship which included sexual immorality as part of worship. Nowadays, many woman are called that simply because they didn't do what someone who believes they are a superior ordered them to do.

Jezebel was a bad woman. She fell out of a window and was eaten by dogs. To call a woman by that name in this day and age is so terrible it goes against every greater New Covenant principle. Jesus said that even calling someone a fool was like committing murder, and how much more is this true of calling someone a Jezebel. It is likely that a person employing such strong spiritual abuse needs deliverance counseling or therapy, since the Bible says that how we judge others is how we are ourselves.

The real Jezebel was not someone I would have liked to meet in a dark alley. I guess the reason men do not really have an equal and opposite insult commonly thrown at them, ("the spirit of Ahab", for instance), is that there are so many men who were really bad in the Bible that there isn't one particular masculine baddie name which stuck. Just think, if it hadn't been for Jezebel, when someone gets angry at a woman, all they could say would be, "You, you... spirit of, of,.... badness you!"

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